Constipation is that condition of the digestive system of an individual where the hard feces are difficult to expel. Mostly, it occurs because of excessive water absorption from the food in the colon.
The slower the food moves through the digestive tract, the more water is absorbed by the colon. As a consequence, the feces become dry and hard which ultimately makes the process of emptying the bowels more painful.

Fast facts on constipation

It generally occurs due to excess water absorption from the food Causes of constipation include physical inactivity, aging, and certain medications
Laxatives should be only used as a last resort Some cases of constipation can be relieved by certain changes in lifestyle Before we start discussing its symptoms and effects, let us talk about the age group affected with this problem:


















51 & older



Following the age group, let us now talk about the symptoms indicating that you do not have normal blood pressure.
Some of the symptoms are:
Feeling bloated
Losing appetite
If you feel the above-mentioned symptoms in your body, then ignorance is
no good option as it can lead to many worse effects like:
Colorectal disorders
Colon cancer
Affecting genitourinary health in women, and many more
Having talked about the symptoms and worse effects, let us now tell you about how you can cure the problem following some easy diet tips, which include:
2-3 liters of water intake
Eating more fibrous fruits
Consuming Dabur Nityam Churan tablet/powder
A brisk walk and deep breathing exercise
Also, it is important to understand that each body has a different diet
requirement that it needs to meet to stay healthy & active.
At Dietitian Harpreet’s Family Diet clinic, we analyze your body and its requirement and provide you the diet plan that is customized to meet all your body needs.
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